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Gwen Tennyson was alone in the library reading up on hypnosis for a psychology exam the next day. She constantly took pills to make sure she would stay awake for she knew how boring studying was. She looked at the clock. "30 minutes until midnight", she groaned. Her phone was ringing again and again, but Gwen ignored it to keep studying.


She then heard the doors slam shut. She then saw a woman wearing sunglasses, high-heeled shoes, a pink dress and a ponytail walk in.


"Hello, young lady", said the woman.


"Hey. Who are you?" asked Gwen.


"My name is Tara. You look beautiful, Miss..."


Gwen was flattered by the comment, but she wouldn't blush in front of a stranger.


"Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson. And thank you", replied Gwen.


Tara walked closer to Gwen's table and looked straight into Gwen's eyes.


"What's a young lady like you doing here?"  asked the woman.


Before Gwen could answer, the woman looked at the book. "You're studying hypnotism?" asked the woman.


"Yeah, for an exam", replied Gwen.


"Hypnotism is a... very relaxing subject. Isn't it?" asked Tara as she took off her glasses.


Just by looking into her eyes, Gwen felt aroused. The eyes flooded her mind. She suddenly felt relaxed


"Haven't you dreamed of having your own obedient slave?" asked Tara as she rubbed her hands on Gwen's cheeks.


"What is she doing to me?" thought Gwen.


"It can really draw a subject in, can't it?" asked Tara.


Gwen then felt as if she was sinking into Tara's spiralling eyes.


"It can wash your mind away. Can't it?"


Gwen then discovered that memory by memory was being erased from her mind.




Tara then wrapped her hands around Gwen's back.


"It can make you sleep",


Gwen then fell into Tara's arms as her eyes slammed shut.


Tara then let Gwen collapse to the floor.


"Gwen, can you hear me?" asked Tara.


"Yes..." groaned Gwen.


"As of now, you are my puppet. I am your mistess. Do you understand?" asked Tara.




"When I give you a command, you will respond by saying 'Yes, mistress'. Do you understand?" asked Tara.


"Yes, mistress", replied Gwen.  


"On your feet", ordered Tara.


"Yes, mistress',


Gwen climbed to her feet with her eyes still shut.


"Gwen, you're a very beautiful woman, but I want you to shed your skin. Turn to your Anodite form", ordered Tara.


"Yes, mistress",


Gwen's human skin then fell to the floor as she was covered in black/pink skin with pink-like hair flowing down the back of her head.


Tara moved her hand across Gwen's back and chest.

"Just like your grandfather said. You're a very beautiful Anodite", said Tara with a smile on her face.


"Thank you, mistress", replied Gwen.


"Time for some fun. Gwen, when I say the word 'Attack', I want you to destroy this library to prove your loyalty to me", said Tara.


"Yes, mistress", replied Gwen.


"Attack", said Tara.


Gwen then unleashed a huge force field and launched it at the bookcases, destroying them one by one. Gwen then launched disks at the books on the ground, shredding them in two, all with a emotionless look on her face.


"Stop", ordered Tara.


Gwen then ceased her attack on the books.


"You are a valuable resource indeed.  You're beautiful and powerful, just the lackey I need. We cannot have fun now, but we will tomorrow night. When you hear the words "musical chairs", you will return to this state of trance and then go to my house. You will subconsciously assimilate the address when you see a purple house with two storeys and a red car in front of it. When you hear the words 'duck, goose', you will be released from the trance without any memory of being hypnotized or of the orders that I give while you're in this state of trance. On this occasion, you will return home and tell your parents that you are finished studying and you will go to bed. You will dream of me as a Anodite. Your subconscious will understand the dreams, but your mind will not. Do you understand?"


"Yes, mistress",


As Tara left the building, she ordered "Duck, goose",


Gwen shook her head and ignoring the destruction she subconsciously caused, she climbed into her car and took off for home.

This is a Ben 10 hypnosis story that I am making.
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So nice I cant wait for the next one
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